Long Term Growth Investors With An Entrepreneurial Approach

Flexibility and Experience

We have a long track record of success investing across public and private equity. Our ability to invest in both markets allows us to allocate capital advantageously across a larger opportunity set while expanding our network and industry knowledge. Without the traditional constraints of a PE fund, we can be patient and focus on maximizing the value of our investments over a long-term horizon.

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Industry Knowledge and Relationships

We believe the best way to find new investment opportunities is to constantly meet and speak with industry participants. Through years of healthcare investing we have built an extensive network of pharmaceutical industry contacts and partners, giving us access to unique investment opportunities and differentiated market intelligence.

Valued Partners

We seek to identify, partner with, and add value to exceptional management teams that share our vision. Our industry experience and strong reputation for working constructively with management teams to create value make us sought-after partners for companies seeking capital. This gives us access to better deal flow and allows us to compete for deals on factors outside of price.

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“Jason Wild is sought out by companies as a visionary and strong leader who can make a difference not only through investment, but with guidance and insight as a board member and trusted advisor.”


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